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composer. visual artist. educator. 

A multifaceted and award-winning composer of electronic, film, experimental and contemporary music.



A multifaceted and award-winning composer of electronic, classical contemporary, film and experimental music, Inal Bilsel’s work sits in the crossroads of music and visual arts, fact and fiction; nostalgia and future dystopia, and of narrativity and conceptual. Taking inspiration from science-fiction, retro-futurism and particularly musical hauntology, from which his music and fictional worlds takes cues from. 

Inal is a lecturer at Eastern Mediterranean University and PERA school of contemporary dance, teaching diverse topics such as sound design at Game and Animation department, Musical form, Analysis and Harmony at Department of Music Teaching, and concepts in music and media exploration at PERA.

Inal Bilsel is an Epic Istanbul (Sony Music Turkey) artist and is currently pursuing a PhD degree in music composition at Royal Holloway, University of London.