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Creating a Post-Apocalyptic Look

We are excited to present you with the first album launch video in a series and a brand new website!

CREATING A POST-APOCALYPTIC LOOK The costume for the video production was put together by multiple contributors. Aycan Garip, who also contributed lyrics and vocals, made a draft of a supposedly post-war fashion cape, named "Lands.cape". Her design ultimately didn't make it to the final stage, and a different cape was designed and handmade by Hatice Dörtlemez. The name Lands.Cape stuck, and we used it on the branding of the actual cape.

Evrim Avci, an Istanbul-based artist who primarily works in theatre, also contributed to the look. Notably, the ominous goggles, are hand-crafted by another Istanbul-based craft studio Yavru Works. Finally, hair stylist Naci Bayramoğlu's sun-drenched style and the makeup artist Duygu Goze's gritty makeup completed the post-apocalyptic look.

In an intense three-day multi-location shoot, the films were shot in some of Cyprus's most atmospheric and influential abandoned places. Camera work by the great Ivan Charalambous, who also suggested a few locations that proved to be crucial.

Photographers Kerim Belet and Duygu Goze was also on location with us, capturing fantastic shots.

Now go ahead and explore the world of Paradise Lost!

website: A hub for all things related to the album. Will be frequently updated with new content and grow over the following months.

tapehead blog: Epilogue to the story of Paradise Lost. Essential for the completist and also for those of you who would like to delve deeper into the world of Paradise Lost.

Stay tuned for further news; we might send more updates than usual!

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