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Domestication of the human species

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

I was invited to take part in the collective exhibition "Nothing is certain" earlier this year. I was admittedly in a tight spot, writing my Phd thesis, teaching, and taking care of my young daughter. Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge, so I can once again challenge my creativity, but mostly in fear of missing out!

The exhibition took place inside a domestic environment, namely Aycan Gairp's new digs, bringing together the collective that is responsible with alt 'ın üstün* (2019), SKT (2016) Etkenlik (2014), and Happening (2013), with other newcomers taking part.

Since being a father, naturally, I became more and more domestic. My conscious, once filled with sci-fi fantasy and generally otherworldly stuff, had now being replaced with quite worldly and domestic matters. Instead of fighting this change, I figured I should fuel my creativity with it. The results are 32 minutes of new music, accompanied by a video, a collage of old timey American public service announcement videos - a nod to the storyworld of Tales From The Future, because there is nothing more exciting for me than to tie my productions together.

The music itself is a little darker than my previous work. As always, I let my conscious freewheel down the hill, and see where that leads me. The way the work was presented was in the form of an old TV set, located in the wonderful room Nurtane Karagil curated (pictured above).

Presented in six chapters, Domestication Of The Human Species tackles various aspects of domestic life, such as family, table manners, cooking, and economy. I think I explored beat-making more than ever in this work. Primarily employing Fairlight CMI samples (of course not the real thing!), Mellotron flutes and choirs, Portasound beats, and bit crushing galore! Here for the first time, I am sharing the music and the video. However, there is something missing, and that is experiencing this at the exhibition itself inside this vivid room.

Some tracks from the video is accessible on Soundcloud

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