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Bir Annenin Sonatı (2020) short film - Fehmi Öztürk

Free Fun (2020) short film/placement - Fehmi Öztürk

The Hunt (2019) short film - Sholeh Zahrei, Kamil Saldun


Hüzün Ana ve Çocukları  (2019) theatre - Fikret Demirağ, Yaşar Ersoy

The Delivery (2020) short film - Doğuş Özokutan

Random Attempts (2016) short film Doğuş Özokutan, Vasvi Çiftçioğlu

Letters to Cyprus (2014) short Film - Sholeh Zahrei, Kamil Saldun

Color Fooled (2014) short film - Sholeh Zahrei, Kamil Saldun

Onnn (2014) short fIlm - Ametis Ametis, Huş Behram


C.U.B.E. - Video Game/Placement



Meaningful Coincidences (2023) Original music: Three Sketches in Aquamarine [More info]

Palimpsest (2021) Mete Hatay, Exhibition. Original music, performance collaboration with Aycan Garip.

Altın Üstün (2019) Music Performance.

Kesin Birşey Yok (2019) "Domestication of human species" Original music and video installation. [More info]

Imago Mundi - Cyprus - Wonder Island (2019) "Sample and hold my heart" collage on canvas. [More info]

Planites (2017) "Tape Den" video/Installation. [More info]

SKT (2016)  Music performance.

Etkenlik (2015) "Please Wakeup", sound installation and music performance.

He/She/It (2014) Original music and installation.

Happening (2013) Original music performance.

Exhibition and Artworks


Works for Orchestra and Chamber groups.

Beneath a Steel Sky (for mixed Piano quintet) (2011) [Score] [Listen]

String Quartet No.3 (2010) 


String Quartet No.2 (2009) [Score]

Miniatures for Piano (2009) [Score]

Nilay’s Dream (orchestral overture) (2006) [Score]

String Quartet No.1 (2006) [Score]

A Short Tale (for mixed octet) (2006) [Score] 

Bagatelles for Solo Clarinet (2006)

Folk Miniatures for String Trio (2005) 


Duet for Piano and Trumpet (2005)


Violin duet (2005) [Score]

Concerto for Piano and Strings (2005)

Nocturne for flute, violin and Piano (2004)

Bagatelles for Solo Flute (2003) [Score]

Compsitions. Works for orchestra and chamber groups
Unreleased works



Unreleased and demo works. These works comprise most of Tales From The Future live set and some of them can can be found on SoundCloud.


Pale Blue Dot

Bahar Geldi

First Date

Please Stay

Love Song


Sample and Hold my Heart

Made in World

Ascent / Keep the pace

Mega Love

Long Road

Seven Seas 

Time Enough

On The Go

Happy Accidents

Sensation of Hearing

Born in the 80's

 Zulu Beat

What They Want to Hear

Better Left Unresolved

A Statue of Eros

Lucid Dreams


Modular Hoax

Tell Me Now

Justify This

Frozen Journey


Please Wakeup

Table Manners

Hold Capacitor

Running Away

Somebody Else

Standing Here



Piyasa (Aycan Garip)

Durdu Zaman (Naz Atun)

Pembe Koyun (Sertunc Akdogu, Onur Kasapoglu)

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