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New Narrative Performance work based on Sevim Burak's works.

An experimental exploration that challenges the traditional boundaries of theatre and narrative, integrating various performance art forms and sound.

I am excited to announce my involvement in a new project titled 'Bir Hatira, Bir Siz'. This narrative performance draws inspiration from the works of the late Sevim Burak, known for her controversial yet imaginative literary contributions characterized by post-structuralist and surreal themes. I always find the prospect of stepping out of my comfort zone so refreshing which not only stirs my creativity but also allows me to find solutions to new sets of problems. As such, when I was invited to participate in this performance with live musical performance and sound design and a small part in acting, I felt pleasantly challenged.

The premiere took place on May 25th, and many may have missed it due to the small audience capacity of the location and confusion as to what this performance is about. The poster didn’t help, and the organizers' explanations made it seem even more obscure. In reality, I don’t know what it is either!  It represents an experimental exploration that challenges the traditional boundaries of theatre and narrative, integrating various performance art forms and sound.

Below, I am sharing some of the comments we received (translated into English), first by Mete Hatay and second by Halil Duranay (the latter being the lead organizer of the event).


"Güneş Kozal shone like the sun. We watched a great performance. The direction was excellent, Inal's atmospheric music was decisive and spot on. His role in the performance suited him perfectly. Especially when he had that cigarette burn! The old mansion in Arabahmet seemed to have been set up for this performance. It gave me great pleasure to meet the works of the late Sevim Burak, the author of the texts, albeit late. Alienation through nostalgic tides and transformation into a diasporic subject in one's own living space could only be described so well. Güneş showed that acting can be done without exaggeration, without falling into the trap of "over acting", without raising your voice unnecessarily, by looking into the eyes of the audience and touching their souls one by one. I would like to congratulate all the contributors one by one..."

Mete Hatay


"Sevim Burak's texts are closed sequences of a lost country, many people know well what was lost there, but they do not admit it because it is not in their interest, because conformism requires it. In Burak's surrealist voice; It is possible to hear the whispers of the ghosts of many things that have been lost from the September 6-7 Events to the May 27 Coup. It is also our duty to tolerate the sounds of typewriter keys echoing in those old mansions where ghosts roam. (…) Handan Ergiydiren did a brilliant job in visualizing such a difficult text. Güneş Kozal showed how the voice and the body can expand the boundaries in storytelling. Inal Bilsel, on the other hand, added his acting to his wonderful music."

Halil Duranay

If you're curious about what this is all about, you have two more opportunities to attend the performance. It will take place on the 1st and 8th of June as part of the Eklektik Manifest organized by Arkhe Lefkoşa. The event is free and open to the public, but seating is limited, so it's best to arrive early. Doors will open at around 20:00, and the performance will begin at 20:30. The location is the old French Cultural Center at Arabahmet, Nicosia.

Director: Handan Ergiydiren

Lead role: Güneş Kozal

Sound design and performance: Inal Bilsel

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