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Postcard Scavange Hunt!

Buffer Fringe 2022 has come to a close, but hopefully, its echoes will linger in our memories for a little longer. Showcasing my work at a performing arts festival has provided me with the means to explore a more adventurous set and a more elaborate visual presentation. Apart from several TV sets, two video installations and a film screening behind the stage, there was an interactive element to the performance in the form of a postcard scavenge hunt.

nostalgia for the future, Inal Bilsel
Nostalgia For The Future - Buffer Fringe 2022 - Rüstem Bookstore

One of Paradise Lost's narrative elements is the search for the magical but elusive place called "Memory Lane". The protagonist of the story is tasked to find this place and he ultimately finds a bunch of postcards that give him some clue of its whereabouts. This is how the companion short film of the album ends.

I designed the Postcard scavenge hunt as a fun and interactive activity that puts the listener in the protagonist's shoes, searching for clues and finding postcards along the way. The postcards themselves are taken directly from the storyworld and the narrative of the album, giving the audience an insight into its various imaginary locations and brands, such as; The Fabulous Varosha, a post-apocalypse-themed adult amusement park; Dreamers Paradise, a tape-shop at Memory Lane; and, SimTape, the brand that creates the best 'artificial brain stimulants' a form of altered reality experienced by its users.

For archival purposes, I present the whole experience with pictures and their respective clues/riddles given to the participants.



fabulous varosha, inal bilsel, paradise lost

POSTCARD 1: Thank you for visiting Fabulous Varosha! Share your experiences with your loved ones using a postcard. Find your complimentary Fabulous Varosha postcard in one of our spinner racks.


POSTCARD 2: Postcards can be used to chronicle your travels around the globe.

paradise lost, inal bilsel, my toy telephone

POSTCARD 3: A mirror for the famous but informative to all. I'll show you the world, but it may be small.


POSTCARD 4: Unlike typewritten letters, postcards are more intimate and personal.

PKD, philip k. dick, Ubik

POSTCARD 5: A postcard may be used as a bookmark. For example, a bookmark for the following phrase: “I am UBIK. Before the universe was, I am. I made the suns. I made the worlds. I created the lives and the places they inhabit; I move them here, I put them there. They go as I say, they do as I tell them. I am the word and my name is never spoken, the name which no onw knows. I am called UBIK, but that is not my name. I am. I shall always be.”


Scavenge hunt in progress!


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