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Nostalgia For The Future

New dates announced for Nostalgia For The Future.

I am so excited to share the new dates for my brand new live band Nostalgia For The Future. The very first performance will take place at Rüstem's Stage, located within the bookstore Rüstem Kitabevi, old city Nicosia on the 22nd of October. The second performance will be an online event streaming on YouTube, live from the Studio Eleven63 on the 21st of November.

Please follow social media channels

@rustemkitabevi and @fengaros for announcements and ticket sales.

Please note that Rüstem performance will be limited to 120 tickets.

Nostalgia For The Future is the brand new live band and a sequel to the audio-visual set Tales From The Future. Inal is joined by Ezgi Akgurgen and Naz Atun (vocals), Onur Kasapoglu (bass and vocals), and Ugur Guclu (drums) with a set including tracks from Paradise Lost and Tales From The Future, performed for the first time in a band arrangement.

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