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Mood Swings

Since the release of my latest website, I have kept quiet for the past few months. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of global change and global awareness: from wildfires to climate change to the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

Every industry has met its own set of challenges and went through its own adaptation periods, some lived through, some perished. It’s times like these that reminds us people united will never be defeated, its times like these that should make us put humanity and nature first, and to remember the profound experience an astronaut first sees planet earth from high above:

"You see continents and countries without any political borders. It gives you the impression that we're all in this thing called humanity together," – Scott Kelly.


Contrary to what it may seem, I’ve been busy with several projects. One of which is a brand new live performance consisting of songs from Paradise Lost and Tales From The Future. For the first time, I am incorporating this work on a full band, so it’s something I’m excited about. I can’t share any details at the moment, but it will take place at the end of September or early October.

I’ve also been working on new albums, two at the same time in fact! But guess what, they NOT another sci-fi tale. Thanks to my dear four-year old daughter I’ve been overexposed to fairy tales, princesses and pinks, glitters galore… But seriously, this album is based on bedtime story I made-up that I told her a million times, and it takes place far above the clouds, a place called the cloud top meadow, where you reach there with a 'steam powered beanstalk elevator' and you meet a fellow named, you guessed it, Cloud man!

If you’re beginning to question my sanity, you don’t have a child!

Besides, sanity does no good to creativity.


Over the years I have been working on a numerous short films, some of which have been very successful in international festivals, each earning numerous awards. I’ve been privileged to have had the chance to work on them. Until now, I did not consider releasing their soundtracks because I thought they were very short and inconsequential without accompanying image. But recently I’ve come to see them as bite-size tiny worlds. Sounds cute when you put it that way, but I’ll leave you to form your own judgment.

The name ‘Mood Swings’ comes from a little phot album project I used to do in the early years of Facebook. It was a state of mind, rather than a theme, where I’d pick my camera and photograph various objects in my room. So, in a way, they were little worlds, sometimes constructed and lit with various lights. I felt that this state of mind was pretty much similar to what I experienced in writing these little snippets for the films.

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