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Paradise Lost - Album Reveal

Two years in the making and the concept Paradise Lost album is launching worldwide in autumn. The promotional campaign has now officially started, and now let’s take a look at where it all started through some production milestones...

"It all started in a tin-box-sized east London flat back in the winter of 2015. Having completed my previous musical offering, Tales From The Future, I was ready to step into a different musical mood. All I had with me was my computer and a Microkorg (which I used as a midi controller), a considerable downgrade from my main base of operations. There, in these set of circumstances, I sketched around twenty pieces for a possible new production.

Fast forward to February 2016. Back to my studio in Cyprus with a renewed inspiration and a pocket full of musical sketches. I began working with this new material to find which of the sketches work together to form a bigger work while sending some of them into the oblivion in the process (who knows, maybe some of those ideas will be brought back to life, nothing is a waste!)

April 2016, I felt I was ready to share some of this semi-finished new material with a small group of people. Paradise Lost concert took place in Bodrum, a one-night only pop-up event inside a residential basement. This small performance gave me a good idea of which of the tracks worked well and which of them didn’t. I was now ready to work towards building an album around it.

Click here to help fund the mounting production bills. (a series of short, often sarcastic, videos promoted the campaign, you can watch them all crowdfunding campaign, and more synthesizers. The songs quickly began taking a new form of dimension, it was as if they were almost coming to life, becoming organic. It was also at this time that I launched my first guitarsSummer 2016 is when most of the recordings took place. I replaced most of the drums with real ones, wrote lyrics, recorded vocals,

While the summer and the recording sessions quickly came to an end, I decided to record all the existing string parts with a real string ensemble. While preparing the scores in a frantic state, I found myself in a studio in Istanbul trying to guide and obtain the best performance within a very short time period. When all the recordings have completed the task of assembling all together become monumental. At that point, I could have given up. While knee-deep in production I began working on the conceptual side of the album, the world, the story line and the artwork. I began making meetings with a team of artists that would provide original artwork for a planned Paradise Lost Artbook. The album's story is told through an ongoing blog that could trip you deep into the rabbit hole.

I've saved the best bit of announcement for last! In the coming weeks, we're going to release a series of videos which will act partly as a release teaser and partly to further establish the story element of the album. Naming them as "teasers" will not do it justice, they are actually "short movies" in their own right. The short movies will be a direct continuation of the tapehead blog, and the album itself will continue the story from where the short movies end. So go ahead and explore the blog if you haven't already!

Stay tuned for further news, we might send more updates than usual!

(Nicosia, Aug. 2017)

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