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SimTape (Volume III)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

New arrivals! SimTape Volume III, limited availability with. (only 25 copies).

From the tape inlay:

What is a SimTape?

SimTape is an artificial brain stimulant designed to work with the SimEx machines. Each tape is specifically designed to stimulate a specific brain activity that a user seek. The brain activities in turn simulate an artificial world, much like the dreams but more believable, thanks to SimEx which takes full control of the sensory organs and neurological structure of the brain.

This sounds harmful!

You might have heard of harmful cases but we assure you that with proper operation and without exceeding the recommended dose, SimEx is as harmful as a natural dream can ever be.

But why should I use it?

Chances are you are like one of the millions of people who miss the old days of our world, the pre-war era; the sunny days, green valleys, lakes and oceans, the smell of the forests, vibrant cities, cultures and unending varieties of food to name but a few. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience all of these –and much more- once in a while? Yes, we thought so. That’s perhaps the sole reason you are holding this tape in your hands right now.

Great! So how do I use it?

Assuming you own a variant of a SimEx machine, it is as simple as plugging the tape to its designated place and making yourself comfortable in its lounge capsule. The machine will do its thing and in no time you will be wondering in far off worlds.

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